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Drive, Walk, Travel, always keeping a guide with you, who knows Greece well, who thinks and talks greek, and knows how to take you where you want, in the way that best suits you.

-The way you choose.

AutoDrive Hellas is a detailed road map especially designed for Garmin navigation devices. Its unbeatable coverage in conjunction with regular updates make it the most comprehensive solution for navigation in Greece, both within and outside the city. It is the only map that combines detailed coverage of cities and villages throughout Greece, with information on dirt roads, mountain peaks, beaches.

  • Includes Athens greater area, Piraeus and Thessaloniki, all Prefectures capitals, and all settlements (cities/towns/villages) of Greece.
    (see detailed list of larger cities)
  • 412,000 kilometers of navigable road network and over 13,500 settlements.
  • 41,000 feature names (e.g. mountain tops, harbours, bights, gulfs etc.) as well as all hydrological network (rivers, lakes, fountains)
  • Many additional points of interest in these general categories:

    Sports, Transit-Trains-Tram-Metro, Airports, Harbours, Neighborhoods, Community Services, Entertainment, Education, Food, Parks-Squares, Places of Worship, Private Enterprises, Institutions, Hotels, Beaches, Tourism, Recreation, Health

    In total, more than 200,000 points of interest are included.

With more than 300 installations in both private and public sector in Greece as well as abroad, GEODATA holds the knowledge and experience in the field of digital map data that is needed in order to offer reliable, accurate maps, with frequent updates and continuous development.

GARMIN is undoubtedly world leader in navigation devices offering products suitable for car, boat, as well as plane navigation, but also products for hiking and outdoor activities including running and cycling. All GARMIN products are known for their high quality and user friendliness.

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